Friday, November 27, 2009

Girl Can Bowl

Jen and I first met at a bowling ally. She was living in Germany at the time, but was in Utah for the Thanksgiving holiday. We have a mutual friend, Jared Dimick (featured on the far right, not gay). Jared put together a game of bowling, because Jen was in town and invited me to come. I had a crush on her from the beginning. You can tell by the way I leaned in for the picture.

A couple days later, after Thanksgiving, I invited her to go with me to feed the homeless. I was extremely happy when she agreed to go. I guess you could call it our first unofficial date, because it was group thing. I was really in to her after that night, but wasn't sure how I could make it work with her leaving to return to Germany in a couple of days. The night before she left I went to say goodbye. I put my arm around her, and I could sense she had something for me too. I told her I was sad she was leaving and she told me she was too. We kept in touch quite frequently over facebook, but I knew I had to come up with a way to see her again. My family and I were planning a trip to Portugal, where I served my mission, for spring break. Some how I gathered up enough kahunas to ask her and after a month of convincing she finally agreed.

It has now been exactly one year, since we met. I'm so glad I went bowling that night and met the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Its been the greatest year of my life.

How It All Came Together...

Landon and I met up in Lisbon, Portugal over his spring break. Landon went on his mission there and came back with his mom, Danna and his sister, Lindsie. When he first asked me to meet him there, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go, but as soon as we saw each other in the airport I was sure that this weekend would be the beginning of our love story. I felt like I was living every girl's dream: starting to fall in love with a handsome boy in a foreign country. Only mine was better. Landon's first language was English, so it made the getting to know you part much easier. We loved getting to know one another while we explored and enjoyed the culture of Portugal. The most favorite part for the both of us was the night we spent on the beach as we talked and got to know each other's dreams and aspirations. This picture is where we had our last first kiss and I hope that some day and many times after that we will be able to share other special times in Portugal... Love you Landon. Kindly, Jen