Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lunatic Christmas Parties

Every year Lunatic Fringe has a Christmas party, where all of us Lunatics get dressed up and have crazy fun eating and dancing the night away. Something that all of us Fringe Family knows is that this annual event is secretly a competition between salons to get dressed up in the best way possible to beat other salons in overall "hottness" (I guess)... We got glitz and glam Sugarhouse, sophisticated and classic Eleventh, posh Park City, and melting hot Parley's. For the 2010 party, we will be getting our grooves on at Sapa sushi, bar, and grill. What will the peep's pull out of their hats this year? Most likely glamorous cocktail dresses, adorning jewelry, and sexy platform heels all too expensive for our wallets, but definitely not for our tastes. Here is a look back on last year's party...
Parley's aLL thE WAY!

Our significant others joined in on the fun later on.

Doin' what she knows best- eating!!!

Dancin' the night away...

We got Johnny Kats up in the house!!

Here are us triplets: Casie, Zach and me.
I kinda sucked it up as far as glamorous goes last year, as you all can clearly tell. This year will be ever tougher with my "angel chaps"... We'll see what goes down :) 2010 pictures to come!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Football and Family

I wish that someone would've told us that the Utah football team wasn't planning on showing up for the TCU game last Saturday... Oh well, it was fun to hang out with my cousin, Ryan and the rest of the Sampson family during the game.
Ryan took a great shot of Landon and I... Thanks Ryan!
An update on what we have been up to the last few months:
- Landon is bustin' his butt in order to get done with his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at the U of U in May.
-Jen is not so pumped about school this semester with Anatomy, although I can now begin the application process at UVU for the dental hygiene program. This year they are only accepting 14 students where as last year they accepted 30!!!
-Landon is working at L-3 Communications and likes his job (most days).
-Jen still works at Lunatic Fringe...
-We have had lots of fun this season meeting new friends and enjoying good times with old ones.
-We got to go to Montana over fall break and had fun with my family out on the ranch.
-We are excited for this winter with Landon's season pass to the Canyon's and my free passes, it will be a fun one!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

4 months

update on mr and mrs anderton

-we have been to Montana twice this summer. Once spur of the minute. The second time for 4th of July. Thanks mom and dad for everything.
-we have moved again! but this time for good (until we move from Utah). We moved into a brand new condo that Landon's mom bought and we are renting from her. Its a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Its the best! Its so light and open and new and nice and pretty and awesome... I love being able to walk to Trax or restaurants or downtown concerts, etc.
-Jen got an A in chemistry last semester and recently got a 95% on her human physiology exam
-Landon got a $3 raise at work!!! What a smartie.
-Jen got a $1 raise at work, ha ha. not as great as Landon, but still.
-Landon is starting his last year of his bachelor's this fall! and has a full ride scholarship! Hallelujah!
-we have realized that marriage is an adjustment and that it is something that we have to work at every single day. I am so glad that we have had this chance to learn more and more about each other. Landon is patient with my antics and I am learning to just shut doors and drawers behind him (its easier then reminding him to do it...).
-we are going to Lake Tahoe with my faimly the first week of August. exciting!!!

That is all for now. More updates and pictures of condo and trip to Tahoe to come...

Friday, April 23, 2010


I guess we can start backwards, since I do not know how to get the pictures in the right order... This is us in Santa Monica, California. Take note of the ocean and pier behind us. This is actually a funny adventure. We took a bus from our hotel to Santa Monica. It took 1.5 hours!!! We thought that ten miles at most would take 30-45 minutes. Nope, not when you stop at a bus stop every 5 blocks. Even better was that we were on Santa Monica Blvd the whole entire time. Interestingly, within those ten miles, we saw the slums, Beverly Hills, the Los Angelos temple, and finally Santa Monica! I was quite the experience.
This right here is in Ensanda, Mexico. We bought two things while we were on our cruise: sunglasses and a woven bag perfect for church! Ensanda was quite the mexican town! It definitely boasted everything one thinks about when they think about Mexico.
This is taken at La Bufadora. Funny name, huh? It was the thing to go see and do in Ensanda. It was this blow hole where the rock were positioned a certain way so when the tide came rushing up, it would create a huge splash high into the air. It was beautiful.
On Catalina Island, California, or first stop of the cruise, we rented beach cruisers and rode all up and down the island. It was fun and a great workout to clear us of all the food we ate on the ship. For the remainder of the day, we walked up and down the streets with all the tourist shops and hung out on the beach. Landon created this masterpiece for everyone to enjoy at the beach. How cute...
I think that this picture is so cute! That is why it goes up on the blog. We tried to get a suntan, instead we got sunburns. But it was the first one of the year, so we weren't complaining too much :) So I guess that is our honeymoon in a nut shell. We'll leave out all the yucky love stuff...

The newlyweds have been married for over a month!

We are married and it has already been more than a month! I just wanted to put up some pictures of Landon and I taken by our friend Mandee ( Also, let everyone know how the first whole entire month has gone for us... We actually didn't even realize that this last Tuesday, April 20 was our one month anniversary. Oh well, I guess that means we have been super busy with school, work, getting the apartment put together and then more school and work. Oh ya, did I mention school and work?
We had a great time on our honeymoon. Nice job Landon for getting all that put together and organized! But after the honeymoon was over, it was right back into what we do best: school and work. Landon is finishing up his last semester as a Junior in Computer Engineering and works at L-3 Communications during the rest of his time during the weekdays. I am into my second semester at the University of Utah trying to get pre-requisites done so I can apply for Dental Hygiene school as soon as possible and work at Lunatic Fringe on Parley's Way. (Holla if you want to get in and see me! 801.463.1878) Landon is ready to get out of school and climb his way up the ladder and I am happy to be in school and back at Lunatic doing what I love, hair.
As far as our apartment goes, we are slowly making it into a home. Landon is trying to make our dining room area a high tech home office with his, oops! I mean our, new computer and a modern desk that he made from an IKEA butcher's block counter top and four metal legs, it looks great! He is loving his tax return money for sure! We also got a brand spanking new sectional couch that we both love! It looked like it would fit perfectly in our living room, and it does. Although, there is no room for any other furniture. We are trying to make it all work, but we have loved being able to sprawl out and watch Redbox movies that we seem to get almost every other night on our television propped up on one of our end tables. A TV stand is on the list. We have definitely filled our surroundings with things that we don't need and money that would look really nicely in the savings account, but what fun would life be without accessories and spending money? None! We are excited for our apartment pool to open up and be able to spend some time in the warm sun this summer :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

we did it!

we got married! how fun is this?