Friday, April 23, 2010


I guess we can start backwards, since I do not know how to get the pictures in the right order... This is us in Santa Monica, California. Take note of the ocean and pier behind us. This is actually a funny adventure. We took a bus from our hotel to Santa Monica. It took 1.5 hours!!! We thought that ten miles at most would take 30-45 minutes. Nope, not when you stop at a bus stop every 5 blocks. Even better was that we were on Santa Monica Blvd the whole entire time. Interestingly, within those ten miles, we saw the slums, Beverly Hills, the Los Angelos temple, and finally Santa Monica! I was quite the experience.
This right here is in Ensanda, Mexico. We bought two things while we were on our cruise: sunglasses and a woven bag perfect for church! Ensanda was quite the mexican town! It definitely boasted everything one thinks about when they think about Mexico.
This is taken at La Bufadora. Funny name, huh? It was the thing to go see and do in Ensanda. It was this blow hole where the rock were positioned a certain way so when the tide came rushing up, it would create a huge splash high into the air. It was beautiful.
On Catalina Island, California, or first stop of the cruise, we rented beach cruisers and rode all up and down the island. It was fun and a great workout to clear us of all the food we ate on the ship. For the remainder of the day, we walked up and down the streets with all the tourist shops and hung out on the beach. Landon created this masterpiece for everyone to enjoy at the beach. How cute...
I think that this picture is so cute! That is why it goes up on the blog. We tried to get a suntan, instead we got sunburns. But it was the first one of the year, so we weren't complaining too much :) So I guess that is our honeymoon in a nut shell. We'll leave out all the yucky love stuff...

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  1. I truly truly truly truly love you guys sooooo much! HOoray! I have your pics finished! We need to get together.