Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our trip began in Milan

So yes, I am finally blogging about Italy. Our first excursion was in Milan itself. We flew into Milan because that is where Dad lives. Mom and Breanna had already been there for about a month or so when we arrived on July 29, 2011. This day was a great one, but Landon and I were still getting over jet lag so for some of us (Landon) things were a little bit of a blur.
Here we are standing in front of a big park in Milan.

Dad took us to canals that Leonardo di Vinci himself designed in Milan. Mom and Dad are standing right close to that area.

It didn't take long for us to find a good gelato place. There are good places to get gelato and there are not so good places to get gelato. Most of the time, we were able to scope out the best gelato places in town. I don't have a picture of the ABSOLUTE best though. This absolute best is at a place called "Yummy" and it is exactly that. Delish! My dad went back one night and got to know the owner on a first name basis and tried every single flavor he had. Not only that, but the owner comes up with his own recipes for gelato. He had a mayan chocolate gelato that was legit.

Here we are at the Duomo in Milan. I think Milan is a really cool city in Italy. Maybe because fashion is bursting at the seams here... maybe.

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