Monday, November 14, 2011

Venice and Verona

Our next leg of the trip was to Venice and Verona. I've heard that people either LOVE or HATE Venice and so I was a little nervous about this next leg of the trip. Did we love or hate it? We LOVED it! More than anything, we appreciated how unique of an island it is. We were taken back by the beauty of the whole city. Just the fact that they only get around by boat is super cool, too. Above is Landon standing on the Rialto bridge. Which was close to our apartment we stayed in.

I think this picture describes Venice perfectly.

The four of us, Mom, Breanna, Landon and I got off the beaten path one morning and found some great treasures.

We got a call from Dad the second morning we were there saying that he was going to make his trip over to meet us in Venice into a work trip. He couldn't stand not being in Venice with us! What a great surprise! Here we are standing in front of THE ABSOLUTE BEST bakery I think I have EVER been to. Their pastries were to die for. And it was really close to where we were staying! Bonus. The morning we left Venice, we got a dozen pastries to share between the four of us. They must have thought we were crazy...

Here we are at one of the most spectacular parts of Venice. A small island where actually Venice originated called Burano. We loved it here.

All the houses were painted a family color. Oh how cool is this? I want to go back there again one day.

Here are some old men sitting around a table on the main walking street of the Island with an accordion. They sang and sang at the top of their lungs for an hour or so. I have video of it.

Who wouldn't want to live here? All the colors would make you so happy!

The last night in Venice, we wanted to find a place that served bruschetta. So we waited until we got back onto the Island of Venice to find a place that we had seen before during another excursion. Well, by the time we got there, it was closed. So we had to walk and just find a random place to eat. Now if anyone has gone to europe, sometime that can be a huge hit or a HUGE miss. So we were all a little bummed out. Breanna spotted the first restaurant to be open and it happened to be this place. It was one of the best meals we had in Italy! Oh it was so good! The best part about it was that these two old Italians served us. I swear, both their ages had to equal 200. Just kidding, but seriously.

Here is the Colosseum of Verona. We just spent an afternoon in Verona on our way back home to Milan the last day of this trip. I really liked Verona. It was quite a romantic city. As it should be, being the location of Romeo and Juliet and all.

Here we are just outside of the Capulet's real life home in Verona. We even saw the balcony were Juliet stood.

It's blurry, but I wrote our names with a heart on the entryway of the courtyard of Juliet's home.

Landon loved it too...

Nuns havin' fun

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