Thursday, November 11, 2010

Football and Family

I wish that someone would've told us that the Utah football team wasn't planning on showing up for the TCU game last Saturday... Oh well, it was fun to hang out with my cousin, Ryan and the rest of the Sampson family during the game.
Ryan took a great shot of Landon and I... Thanks Ryan!
An update on what we have been up to the last few months:
- Landon is bustin' his butt in order to get done with his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at the U of U in May.
-Jen is not so pumped about school this semester with Anatomy, although I can now begin the application process at UVU for the dental hygiene program. This year they are only accepting 14 students where as last year they accepted 30!!!
-Landon is working at L-3 Communications and likes his job (most days).
-Jen still works at Lunatic Fringe...
-We have had lots of fun this season meeting new friends and enjoying good times with old ones.
-We got to go to Montana over fall break and had fun with my family out on the ranch.
-We are excited for this winter with Landon's season pass to the Canyon's and my free passes, it will be a fun one!

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  1. ok, the picture of you and Landon at the top of your blog is to die for. You guys are so cute. And way to go smarties! Jen-I am fully confident you will be one of the 14 accepted, and Landon- how exciting to be graduating! Way to go! Love you guys!