Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lunatic Christmas Parties

Every year Lunatic Fringe has a Christmas party, where all of us Lunatics get dressed up and have crazy fun eating and dancing the night away. Something that all of us Fringe Family knows is that this annual event is secretly a competition between salons to get dressed up in the best way possible to beat other salons in overall "hottness" (I guess)... We got glitz and glam Sugarhouse, sophisticated and classic Eleventh, posh Park City, and melting hot Parley's. For the 2010 party, we will be getting our grooves on at Sapa sushi, bar, and grill. What will the peep's pull out of their hats this year? Most likely glamorous cocktail dresses, adorning jewelry, and sexy platform heels all too expensive for our wallets, but definitely not for our tastes. Here is a look back on last year's party...
Parley's aLL thE WAY!

Our significant others joined in on the fun later on.

Doin' what she knows best- eating!!!

Dancin' the night away...

We got Johnny Kats up in the house!!

Here are us triplets: Casie, Zach and me.
I kinda sucked it up as far as glamorous goes last year, as you all can clearly tell. This year will be ever tougher with my "angel chaps"... We'll see what goes down :) 2010 pictures to come!

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  1. Jen you look so darling I love that skirt!