Monday, February 7, 2011

LF Christmas Party

This is long over due especially with the last post being so dramatic and all, but I was in the mood to post. So here is what the Lunatic Fringe party looked like this year...

We all partied at Sapa sushi bar and grill and I had to post a picture of how cool this place is. The atmosphere is really great and so is the food.

Here is most of who I work with at Parley's. I don't think that I could work at any other location. These people are my family. They have seen me through thick and thin. Pre and post Germany and everything in between.

Zach and I were the only brave ones to go up and get seconds at our table. Not only that, but others were so not going back up there that they made us get them more. So not only were we back for seconds, but we looked like pigs doing it. Having enough food for four between the two of us.

This is not me, but I wish it was me because of her awesome sequin dress that she had on. It was my favorite dress of the night and it might be my favorite dress of 2010. It had shoulder pads and everything!! I know, you are thinking "shoulder pads? is Jen crazy?" No, I am not. If you had seen this dress, you would understand.

This is my best friend/twin. I love this girl. Thanks for always being there for me, Casie :)

And last but not least, here is the best part of the party. Here is Chelsea and Spencer. It might be confusing as to what name goes to who, but these two always seem to stick out and are completely unpredictable. In real life, Spencer does wear scarves, and leopard stockings, and moccasins, but never all at the same time. And never have I seen him in a dress, but I think he did that to counter-part his love, Chelsea. These two are some of the most generous and nicest friends I have.
Overall, the LF party turned out to be a success. Can't wait for next year!

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