Thursday, March 31, 2011

New baby Julianne

Here is my new niece, Julianne Ruth Russell (Melissa's second). I got the chance to spend the rest of spring break with them while Landon came home and worked. Lucky me. Pretty much all weekend, I got to hold Julianne and dress her and yes I even changed diapers. It was nice to spend time with Melissa, Travis and Isaac. Isaac is a hoot! He says and does the funniest things. When he wants to hold Julianne, he says, "Here, here" and holds his hands out. He came up with a nickname for Julianne all by himself, JuJu. And my two favorite phrases he said over the weekend were "Yee-haw baby" and "All aboard! Tickets Please!". He is so funny! Melissa got me on to this new website and she made some good dinners while I was there. We also went to H&M, which is the biggest H&M in the world. Super cool.

Those binkies are funny! And it looks so big in her little mouth!

Landon was so cute with Julianne, he wanted to hold her as much as he could for the afternoon he was with me at Melissa's house.

I made this little headband and the flowers on the shirt out of a t-shirt of mine that I had been saving because I loved the color and the design on it. It turned out to be the cutest little thing! The onesie is a 9 month size, so I can't wait to see her in it in 8 months!

Here is funny little Isaac watching "Emperor's New Groove". Every time he watches anything Disney, he needs to put on his Mickey Mouse ears... How funny!

Family is great and I felt lucky to get to spend time with Melissa and her own family over spring break.

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