Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oregon 4th of July

We spent our Fourth of July weekend with Landon's mom (Danna), sister (Lindsie), and Danna's boyfriend (Chris), and his family (Jennifer, Jessica, Josslyn, and Vickie). I am so glad that we were able to make time for this trip, because it was one of the funnest vacation spots I have EVER been to. We stayed in a beautiful beach house right on the beach in Netarts, Oregon. Danna's ex-in-laws live here and so that is how she knew of this beautiful gem of a place.

Here is a picture of our (for lack of a better word) beach Sunday night.
There is so much to do in this part of the country. Oregon is the best of every world. There is the ocean which brings deep-sea fishing, crabbing, clamming, boating, surfing, swimming (if you are brave), running on the beach, sea animals and so much more. And then there is the mountains to hike and camp in, freshwater lakes, sand dunes, green thick forests, beautiful farmland with beautiful cows for yummy cheese and so much more. And then there is the city life in Portland about an hour and a half away! And we all know that I have to have my city life close by. To say the least, Landon and I absolutely loved it!

Here are the clams Chris, Josslyn, Jessica, Landon and I dug for.

This is Lindsie, Danna, me and Landon out to lunch in the Pearl District, Portland.

Our deep sea fishing adventure. Landon caught around 10 fish and I caught 7 or 8.
Jessica caught 16!!! Our group of 9 caught 63 fish total!

Not to mention, Tillamook Oregon is only about 10 miles east of Netarts.
Landon was in heaven. Not only is there cheese, but ice cream!

Kiwanda, Oregon is a little surfing town. We ate lunch at The Pelican Pub and Brewery.

Landon and I have a very similar picture of the two of us on the Fourth of July 2009 in Island Park, Idaho. That is the trip Landon told me he loved me for the first time :)
He told me he loved me on this trip, too ;)

Here is our backyard at "our" beach house.
Well, all I can say after all that is if you randomly hear that the Andertons packed up all our stuff and moved to Netarts, Oregon to start a B&B on the coast, you probably heard right. Thanks, Danna for planning and bringing us on this AMAZING trip! We only wished that we could have stayed for the whole week!


  1. How fun!! Isn't Tillamook Ice Cream the best?! They just started selling it in Utah grocery stores (finally). Looks like you guys had a blast. I'm jealous. I've always wanted to clam dig. xo

  2. Tillamook Ice Cream is the best! I now know why you love the northwest coast so much. :)